Treasure Hunt

I’ll have your heart,
I hope you know,
Just remember the path
To where the sky goes down.
Take what you want with that,
Take what you will,
Take what I wrote above as Ground.
Taken when and where it comes,
And I shall see you not.
What they all don’t like
And what they all don’t know
Is that it is Want,
Even if only just for show,
And all for the miracle it would take
To make your feelings grow.
I’m more than that,
More are Blood,
Stolen, seen, kept secret from her,
Or maybe you know how Maybe is Enough.
Empty is the sorrow here,
In full, not of twos or threes,
And all of the treasure is gone.
No two bottles are the same,
But where they cross my heart
And hope to die
It marks the spot
Where a few men drown
And fewer men catered to their lies.
What buried me?
Where have I been?

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