She’s everything she thought he’d want a girl to be,
But he barely knew her name,
Never smiled at her when they passed in the hallway.
She’s clinging to the past, hung up on the what-ifs,
Hung over from a night of heavy fiction;
He had spent the night drinking with his
Abercrombie faux-second-hand-store best friends.
They still remember a name,
Even if it’s not the right one,
Because actions spoke louder
Than her booming words ever could.
He never heard the fear and the want in that voice
When she shyly inquired as to what his opinion
On such-and-such was.
She tried to hide it, but at the end of the night,
Most everybody saw through the smirks
And sarcastic replies…
Except for the one she wanted to see it most.

She’s still a little bit of every boy she’s ever liked,
But now she doesn’t get her hopes up,
Just keeps her focus on the coast.

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